Fabulous Holidays without breaking the Bank!
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Fabulous Holidays without breaking the Bank!

New Delhi (India), June 2: The world is aware of how the pandemic severely impacted travel and tourism industry globally. The consequences of the crisis were felt throughout the entire tourism ecosystem. However, in recent months there has been an expansion in travel demands. Reopening and rebuilding destinations with a diligent and industrious effort to meet the high demands of people looking out for luxury travel packages has been the number one priority for team Trawel Mart. As a result constantly increasing sales especially as travel begins to return with careful scrutiny is the result of tireless efforts of team Trawel Mart.

Trawel Mart is a recognized as India’s premium tours and travel organization in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai as well as Singapore, Dubai and several cities overseas. It carries with it experience and expertise in the field of travel and leisure for over a decade and half. It offers reliable and value for money services of world class standards at a global level.

A venture that began in 2008 as a joint collaboration between Mr. K Mohan Sundar, Founder and Managing Director and Mr. M.S. Kiran, Co- founder in 2008 has been operating on the core principle of value-added service to the customers with the utmost ethical standards.

The company, regarded as experts in international travel packages, has developed tourism related businesses such as Airline Ticketing, Ground Transport and Hotel Reservation, visas and passports, foreign exchange, travel insurance, and local transfers in international sectors. They recommend destinations and excel in designing tailor made tour packages for outbound tourists. They enhance the service by offering the best possible prices on a worldwide range of high-quality transfer services, car rentals, tickets for museums and attractions, and excursions and more.

Trawel Mart has curated some unique packages for exotic locations and luxurious travel. They are very active on social media and customer feedback looks very promising.

“We believe in keeping the customer in focus and building a reputation that will help them come back for more trips,” says the founder, Mr. K. Mohan Sundar.

“As the competition is rising significantly, our aim is not only to provide the best experience to our travelers but also to establish this business in a niche market,” he added.

Personalizing Experiences is the USP of this company. From the moment one decides to travel with Trawel Mart till they return home, they are under the able care of the company.

The Chief Marking Officer, Ms. Spoorthi Vishwas, is currently in talks with tourism departments across the globe. As the growth driver of the company, she is effectively implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy to acquire new customers, reach new markets, development and more as she collaborates with the best travel and tourism agencies across the world.

When asked about the vision for his company, founder Mohan Sundar said, “We plan to position ourself as a specialist travel agent. We are preparing ourselves to seize new opportunities and create an effective plan to achieve change and innovation in our organization.”

“Innovation is one of the main factors that will contribute to economic growth,” added Mr. M.S. Kiran the Co-founder.

It is clear that Trawel Mart is working on the renovation of locations, prices, places, promotion, and above all, mindset, which is sure to have an economic impact on the tourism sector.

Working with passion, resourcefulness, willingness to improvise, and strong determination to succeed is what is expected of us, said the team. This highly credible team is the strength and asset that drives the company.

Trawel Mart works with a lot of credibility, clarity, and conviction. Tourists can count on them to turn their dream vacations into reality.