Another Big Step Into Deliciousness by Snaqary
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Another Big Step Into Deliciousness by Snaqary

May 27: “Delicious flavours to boost your mood, Nutritious ingredients to boost your energy.”

Snaqary, a brand with a portfolio of multigrain plant-sourced products, has something for everyone and every age group. With its motto of “Taste Bhi, Health Bhi”, Snaqary is a revolution in the Snack industry.

Snaqary is formed by two mothers from Mumbai who were stressed with unhealthy or tasteless food snacks their families were consuming every day.

Keeping these things in mind, this mother duo found their answer, “Snaqary”, which stands for “Taste bhi aur health bhi”, as it has healthy grains which indeed are super yummy.

With an ample number of brands in the snacking industry, Snaqary stands out as its products are made up of healthy, organic and plant-based ingredients. Multigrain being one of its key ingredients, Snaqary is trying to make munching healthy.

Be it your morning tea mathri, evening sev bhujiya or even midnight munching with roasted seeds, Snaqary has something for everybody in tastier and healthier options.

Snaqary emerged from the concept of how our forefathers banked upon to stay energetic and healthy with a large variety of products by adding the magic of bajra, jowar, pulses seeds, peanuts etc. which cater to the audience of all groups and all events.

Anchal, Snaqary’s founder, stated “how being sure to take care of one’s family leads mothers to keep searching for the perfect snack. Tasty but not healthy and healthy but not tasty are the main issue we face when it comes to snacks. India binges on approximately more than 2 billion savoury snacks every day, and in this post covid situation, every mother wants the best, tasty and healthy snacking option for her family.

Snaqary is the house of snacks which helps every mother choose from the portfolio of Multigrain Yummy Products and put unhealthy habits to an end”.

For the last 24 months, snaqary have been peddling away furiously, leaving no chance to be a winning combination and are set for a scaleup. For healthy snacking habits, snaqary is the best option for every family.

When you choose Puri’s, Sev, nuts mix or soya peanuts from ‘Classic’ range, seeds and khakhra from ‘Roasted’ range or indulge in yummy baked items and sauces, there is only one thing you will say.

Taste Ki madness and Grains ki Goodness.