Daniel, son of famous Hair Stylist Neel David Paving his Path in Cosmetology Field
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Daniel, son of famous Hair Stylist Neel David Paving his Path in Cosmetology Field

March 7: Beautification rituals are a powerful element of consumer culture that transcends time and place. In the era of “moral terrorism” where “investment” in the body is essential, the beauty salon, an invention of the 20th century, has become a ubiquitous resource for individual self-realization through consumption. Located through ‘Kesh’ a budget-friendly salon is a market dedicated to cosmetology services Targeting India and Nepal with a minimum investment, this salon is designed by a 19 years old boy Daniel Katwal from Nepal. Talking about his background, he is the son of a renowned hairstylist. His father traveled from a small village Laxmipur to Nepal to create history in the beauty industry and further made a brand Neel Davids & Academy in Nepal and India and also started giving franchises of his name.

A concept by Daniel made this possible by turning a square space of 300 to 600 into a beautiful model of Kesh Beauty Salon. He is the new CEO of Neel david Salon & Academy in Nepal. The head office is located in Kathmandu where Daniel runs the salon lounge and looks after all the management. Speaking to Daniel, he shared “I have seen my father struggle in making his dreams turn into reality so I decided to quit my footballing and returned from the U.K to support him to the fullest. Realizing the fact that Neel david has become a bit expensive for many investors, I am starting to develop Kesh as a brand which will be a budget-friendly salon.”

When it comes to salons that were inaugurated in India, Kesh was first launched in Raniganj, West Bengal by Rajeev who expressed his thoughts, “I was a bit nervous and confused in the beginning but facilities from Neel david encouraged me to establish the first branch. I am happy to be a part of this brand, and the reviews by the customers are helping me expand my business further.”

The next branch was opened in Simara, Nepal by a businessman Sailesh Giri followed by a third branch in Biratnagar successfully run by Sabita Thapa. Three more outlets have been signed which will be launched by May end.

With a less budget, this salon is easy to attract customers in especially small towns. The sales partners Chandan Patra and Rumi Patra have recently started the corporate office in Kolkata. While knowing more about them, Mr. Patra stated, “I feel proud and happy to be a part of this franchise. What an amazing concept by Daniel of making a cozy boutique salon that fulfills modern techniques. Though being a business development partner, this brand plans to explore Kesh across all the cities where training for hospitality, management, marketing will play an integral part in India and Eastern part of Nepal.”

The brand in charge Suhash Kumar is effectively working towards brand development and is also aiming to support underprivileged students who aspire to make a career in this industry. Today, Neel david Katwal is a known name and Daniel is putting his foot in his dad’s shoes to make it more relevant and victorious.

About Neel David:

Neel david Katwal began his adventure in the little hamlet of Jhapa, Nepal, with humble beginnings. He was a natural rebel with an unrivaled enthusiasm for hairstyle. It wasn’t easy to choose a career as a hairdresser back then, but it was his calling, and Neel David’s Salon was born. He will be eternally thankful to his clients for appreciating his work and to his staff for providing unwavering support. He has obtained a wealth of expertise from various universities in Delhi, Thailand, America, London, and Singapore throughout the years. He has received training from Mrs. Christine Blundel (an Oscar-winning makeup artist from Hollywood) as well as Toni and Guy (London). For more information, please visit www.neeldavidsalon.com