19 Apr, 2024
8 mins read

Arthshatra Gurukul Creating Buzz Towards Financial Literacy

Arthashastra Gurukul, a economics school providing guidance to investors, traders or professionals in vedic way New Delhi (India), March 9: Sudipta Das (Founder of Arthashastra Gurukul, www.arthashastragurukul.com ) specializing in “Time cycle, Gann & Vedic Astronomy”. Through his 15 years of Research & Technique, he is helping thousands of Investors, Traders, Hedge fund managers, & Asset Managers with […]

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Leading by example – Top 5 women leaders paving the way for the next generation in India

New Delhi (India), March 9: For a considerable amount of time, women have been pushing boundaries in various industries, persevering through obstacles and stereotypes regardless of their background. In recognition of the relentless dedication that women exhibit in their pursuit of success in the professional world, SRV Media, an integrated marketing agency headquartered in Pune with […]

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Empowering Women & Driving Change – Here’s a list of the Top 5 women entrepreneurs in India

Leading Women Entrepreneurs – Empowering Women & Driving Change New Delhi (India), March 9: Dynamic women from various sectors have challenged gender stereotypes and spearheaded powerful initiatives that benefit society and stakeholders. They have acted as agents of change and made a significant impact. In recognition of these women’s leadership roles in their respective fields, […]

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‘Women are visionaries and compassionate. We need more of them for a sustainable impact,’ says philanthropist Pavithra Halkatti

Pavithra Halkatti ‘Women are visionaries and compassionate. We need more of them for a sustainable impact’  Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], March 9: Pavithra Halkatti shares her views on the meaning of philanthropy; while giving credit to her grandparents – Vachana Pitamaha Dr P G Halakatti, a towering literary figure and social reformer and Shri M Rajsekara Murthy, a senior […]

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International Women’s Day: Powerful Women Leaders Transforming the Norms of the Business Industry

New Delhi (India), March 9: In this modern era of women’s empowerment, women are pursuing their aspirations and speaking up for themselves. Influential women are breaking societal standards to go further, accomplish more, and rewrite the rules. We are celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting the extraordinary abilities of women for their creativity, resiliency, and strong-willed […]

10 mins read

Ten Dynamic Women Leaders who are Breaking Barriers

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 9: Today we list the Top 10 Dynamic Female Leaders creating global impact from different fields. These inspiring women have been recognized for their remarkable work in their respective areas and have been instrumental in making an impact in their communities and beyond. They are pioneers in their fields and serve as role […]

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Radhe Maa distributed free rations to the needy

MP Manoj Tiwari also marked his attendance Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 9: Free ration was distributed to thousands of people on the occasion of Radhe Maa’s birthday at Borivali West Link Road Opal Convention Center. MP Manoj Tiwari was also present on the occasion. Apart from distribution of ration, free health checkup camp and blood […]