Meet 10 emerging Indian startups in 2024 that are set to make a big difference
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Meet 10 emerging Indian startups in 2024 that are set to make a big difference

Meet 10 emerging Indian startups in 2024 that are set to make a big difference - PNN Digital

New Delhi (India), February 1: Embark on a journey of discovery as we introduce you to ten emerging Indian startups in 2024 that are poised to make a significant impact across diverse sectors. These innovative ventures are not just breaking new ground but are also shaping the future of their respective industries. From wellness and education to technology and travel, these startups are redefining norms and contributing to positive change. Get ready to meet the trailblazers of tomorrow who are making waves today.

1) MoodCare

Truevital Wellness Private Limited introduces MoodCare, a pioneering venture founded by Ajay Jalandhara. MoodCare is dedicated to enhancing well-being by focusing on crucial aspects of mood and sexual health. The mission is to provide comprehensive products and resources to cater to emotional wellness, sexual health, and pleasure needs.

MoodCare stands out by promoting a healthy approach to sexual wellness through continuous education, a dedicated medical team, and reliable products. Noteworthy achievements include successfully treating thousands of customers, reflecting MoodCare’s positive impact. Looking ahead, the company plans to launch over 100 sexual wellness clinics across India in 2024. MoodCare by Truevital Wellness Private Limited emerges as a standout player among the ten emerging Indian startups in 2024, poised to make a significant difference in the landscape of sexual wellness. Check their website – 

2) Institute of Sound Healing

Explore the Institute of Sound Healing, a pioneering startup with over a decade of experience revolutionizing vibrational wellness. Offering online and offline training, we specialize in Sound Vibrational Healing using singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and Crystal Bowls. What sets us apart is our integration of scientific rigor with ancient practices, validated through HRV and AIVOT tools. Our 11-stage healing process addresses root causes of ailments, not just symptoms. With ISO 9001:2015 certification, we’re committed to excellence. Founded by Vaishali Pandya and led by Dr. Sandeep Jyot, we blend spiritual and medical expertise for holistic healing. Experience the profound journey of self-regeneration, immune strengthening ,healing of chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension,Stress, Depression etc  . Join us in creating a healthier humanity at

3) WaahWaliDeals

Discover unbeatable savings with WaahWaliDeals, the go-to platform since our December 2023 launch. We offer exclusive discounts, cashback incentives, and curated coupons from over 1,500 reputable merchants, redefining online shopping and empowering savvy consumers.

Our unique selling proposition (USP) lies in handpicked coupons, cashback incentives, and exclusive bargains. Prioritizing a streamlined and user-friendly experience, we ensure customers get maximum value with each purchase.

Noteworthy achievements include one thousand active users, over half a million Indian Rupees distributed in cashback, and recognition in various media outlets. WaahWaliDeals contributes to positive change by enhancing the online purchasing experience, aiming to be the preferred destination for curated discounts, cashback rewards, and exclusive deals. Looking ahead, WaahWaliDeals plans to enhance user experience with on-screen coupon codes, superior mobile applications, and expanded collaborations. Our mission is to reach a broader audience, providing more opportunities for saving money. Visit their website – 

4) Zomato

Discover a world of culinary delights with Zomato, your go-to platform for diverse dining experiences. From local gems to global flavors, Zomato seamlessly connects food enthusiasts with a spectrum of tastes. What sets Zomato apart is its commitment to curate delightful dining journeys. The platform’s unique selling proposition lies in its blend of discovery, convenience, and community.

Zomato’s journey is marked by milestones, building a community of food lovers while maintaining quality. It contributes to positive change by continually innovating the food discovery and delivery landscape. Looking ahead, Zomato plans to enhance user experience with exciting features. The mission is clear: to be the preferred choice for food lovers, ensuring everyone can indulge in the joy of good food anytime, anywhere.

5) RiseUpp

RiseUpp, founded by IIM and IIT alumni Hari Rastogi and Navneet Kumar, is India’s No. 1 online course comparison platform that helps learners overcome the challenges of finding the best online courses for their career goals. In a fast-changing world, online courses are a great way to reskill and upskill, as they offer flexibility, affordability, and accessibility. However, finding the right course is not easy, as users face three major problems: course discovery, lack of information, and trust issues.

RiseUpp solves these problems by providing a user-centric platform that offers comprehensive information, reviews, ratings, and career mentoring for thousands of online courses from hundreds of providers. RiseUpp also allows users to compare courses side-by-side, based on various criteria such as course duration, level, fees, skills covered, job opportunities, and more. This helps users make the best decision for their needs and goals. Whether you’re interested in online MBA programs, prestigious courses from IITs and IIMs, free online courses with certificates, or skill development in areas like digital marketing and data science, RiseUpp is your one-stop destination. RiseUpp is also a social enterprise that supports the education of orphan children through CRY, an NGO that works for child rights and welfare. RiseUpp is the winner of the Best EdTech Company of the Year award and is striving for 8000+ curated courses and pre-seed funding. Join RiseUpp to achieve your dream career, be future-ready, and keep pace with times. Visit them – 

6) Ola Cabs

Embark on a journey of seamless travel with Ola Cabs, your trusted companion for commuting convenience. Ola brings together riders and drivers, making travel accessible, efficient, and enjoyable. What distinguishes Ola is its dedication to redefining travel norms. The unique selling proposition lies in its commitment to providing safe, reliable, and affordable rides, ensuring every journey is a pleasure.

Ola’s narrative is one of continuous innovation, shaping the way people traverse cities while prioritizing safety and accessibility. The platform plays a vital role in contributing to positive change in the transportation landscape. Looking forward, Ola plans to further elevate the travel experience with exciting features and expanded services. The goal is to be the preferred mobility partner, offering a ride for every occasion, and making transportation a hassle-free part of daily life.

7) Startup Instant 

Embark on your entrepreneurial voyage with StartUp Instant, a dynamic social networking community founded by Gaurav Mishra. Designed for self-starters, startups, students, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, StartUp Instant is not just a platform—it’s an ecosystem that empowers, connects, and propels innovative minds. Bridging the gap between ideas and execution, StartUp Instant provides a dedicated space for learning, collaboration, and access to essential tools.

What sets StartUp Instant apart is its exclusive focus on entrepreneurs. More than a networking hub, it’s a comprehensive ecosystem offering resources, mentorship, and a mobile-friendly learning platform. Boasting 40,000 members, 400 mentors, and partnerships with 30 incubators, StartUp Instant is making waves. Successful events, both online and offline, underline our commitment to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. StartUp Instant actively contributes to positive change by empowering entrepreneurs, fostering inclusivity, and facilitating skills development. Our long-term vision involves being a catalyst for widespread entrepreneurship growth, driving market innovation, and creating a positive economic impact. Visit them –   

8) QuickFinz

Dr. Prashanta Patra, an ex-Defence Personnel, spearheads QuickFinz’s transformative initiative, Project Veer Gaurav, focusing on empowering special categories like ex-defence personnel, the LGBT community, acid survivors, etc. QuickFinz, under Dr. Patra’s guidance, uniquely merges financial expertise with a genuine commitment to societal impact, offering tailored skill development and training, fostering acceptance and inclusivity. Veer Gaurav envisions a positive societal transformation beyond individual success, while QuickFinz celebrates inspiring stories like a transgender individual achieving financial independence. Looking ahead, the startup plans to expand its positive influence with the launch of ‘Scholar Hunt,’ an online educational platform dedicated to recognizing and uplifting India’s Genius Brain. Through Scholar Hunt, QuickFinz aims to further contribute to positive change in 2024. Visit them – 

9)   ITSolutions4u

Shaharban, the driving force behind ITSolutions4u, brings creativity to the digital realm. Specializing in graphic design, digital marketing, and web development, Megha tailors services to diverse business needs. ITSolutions4u distinguishes itself with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Notable milestones include forming connections in the UAE and India, signaling their ascent in the market.

Fueled by a vision for positive change, ITSolutions4u plans to integrate AI into services and explore global markets. Client testimonials highlight the team’s flexibility and commitment. As ITSolutions4u navigates its initial phase, stay tuned for exciting developments and expansions. Megha and her team are on a journey of digital innovation and global impact. Visit their Website – 

10) Vision Global Education

Diwakar Gaur’s Vision Global Education is revolutionizing study abroad experiences, supporting 500+ universities in 20 countries. Inspired by personal challenges, Diwakar aims to make overseas education accessible, focusing on affordability and non-conventional countries.

With 200+ admissions to global universities and scholarships, Vision Global Education prioritizes inclusivity, empowering students from diverse backgrounds. Success stories like Anaika Fernandes and Nikhil Patil highlight their commitment to guiding students toward academic excellence.

Future plans involve launching a program for bright students from low socio-economic backgrounds, offering fully funded scholarships. Vision Global Education continues its mission—turning dreams into achievable goals, one student at a time. Visit them – 

As we conclude this exploration into the dynamic landscape of emerging Indian startups, it’s evident that each of these ventures brings a unique perspective and a commitment to innovation. Whether it’s transforming sexual wellness, revolutionizing sound healing, or creating a hub for entrepreneurs, these startups are set to leave an indelible mark. As they continue their journeys, we look forward to witnessing the positive changes they bring to their industries and the lives they touch. Stay tuned for more updates on these trailblazing startups that are making waves in 2024.