Chidiakhana, a must-watch underdog tale

New Delhi (India), May 31: The much talked about the tagline of the film Chidiakhana says, ‘There’s a tiger in every underdog!’ So you know it’s an underdog story! We have all seen many underdog stories, yet there’s something that pulls us to the next one that comes along! Perhaps we all are or have been, […]


Hyderabad beauty Laxmi Pandrapragada, finalist of Haut Monde Mrs India worldwide heading for the grand finale in Ajman, UAE

New Delhi (India), May 31: Laxmi Pandrapragada, the accomplished computer science graduate who studied at Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey and currently thrives as a corporate finance technology leader in California, hails from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. As she prepares for the Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide grand finale in Ajman, Dubai, Laxmi’s journey showcases the […]


Kratika Jain (USA) believed in her dreams and is going to walk as The Finalist on the International Ramp of HAUTMONDE MRS.INDIA WORLDWIDE 2023

New Delhi (India), May 31: Kratika Jain! I was born and raised in New Delhi, India, and now live in Orlando, FL, USA. Haut Monde Mrs.India Worldwide 2023 is an international platform which has reached thousands of aspiring women. Future goals- I wish to motivate all the women who still haven’t reached their dreams and […]


Saurebh Baviskar’s Opulence Consult to transform ideas into worldwide offerings

New Delhi (India), May 31: Opulence Consult, a leading provider of professional training and consultation services, is transforming the way inventors, startups, universities, and individuals bring their product ideas to the global market. The company is introducing its services to India and is eager to capture the untapped market. With a focus on product licensing and […]


Empowering Safety and Protection: SAFE PRO FIRE Your Trusted Fire Safety Products Partner

SAFE PRO FIRE: Your Trusted Fire Safety Products Partner New Delhi (India), May 31, 2023: Having dependable and effective fire safety solutions is essential in the face of fire threats and potential tragedies. For more than 24 years, Safe Pro Fire, a top supplier of fire safety solutions, has been committed to protecting people, property, and […]


Harvard Graduate & TMU ED Akshat Jain to Foster Educational Advancement in India

Akshat Jain, Harvard Graduate and TMU ED, to Drive Educational Progress in India New Delhi (India), May 31: TMU cordially welcomes its Executive Director, Akshat Jain, who joins the university with a distinguished master’s degree from Harvard Business School, USA. Chancellor Suresh Jain of TMU expresses his joy and enthusiasm to lead the university to unparalleled […]


Aarna empowering freelancers and startups with coworking spaces in Jaipur

New Delhi (India), May 31: In a world where startups and freelancers are thriving and in need of reliable and affordable infrastructural facilities, Aarna Coworking & Business Hub has emerged as a leading provider of workspace solutions. Since its establishment in 2018, Aarna CoWork has been catering to the organizational needs of businesses of all sizes, offering comprehensive […]


Modern Pythian Games Introduces Blind and Disabled Cricket as Featured Sport

New Delhi (India), May 30: First Annual general meeting of the Pythian Council of India was held at Hotel Lalit in New Delhi on 27th May 2023. The Pythian Council of India, an apex organization of Pythian Games in India and a pioneering organization dedicated to promoting arts, culture, and traditional sports, has announced an […]


At MindScopy, the Focus Is On the Highest Quality Science Coaching and Skill Development Training

MindScopy, India’s leading coaching institute for science students, unveils the highest quality science coaching, skill development training, technical consultation, and offline or online educational services for next-level education. MindScopy coaching institution specializes in science coaching and skill development training for futuristic doctors and engineers preparing for science board examinations, NEET, JEE, and MHT-CET. With every […]


Latest Technological Advancements in the Boiler Industry to be showcased at India Boiler Expo 2023

New Delhi (India), May 31: The expanding industrialization of India is generating considerable demand for energy-efficient and dependable boilers, particularly in industries such as textiles, cement, iron and steel, and chemicals, where steam is required for the production process. To cater to this increasing demand and highlight innovative technologies that focus on sustainability, numerous companies are […]