18 Jul, 2024
2 mins read

Pan India film Banaras, trailer launched in a star studded event

September 28: The renowned director Jayatheertha known for his mysterious stories is bringing another mysterious love story Banaras, starring Zaid Khan and Sonal Monteiro. Banaras is the film, extensively shot in Banaras. It is a love story with extreme twist and turns. Jayatheertha’ s recent release Bell-Bottom had already hit the box-office and won several […]

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Maharudra Sahasrachandi Havanatika Mahayagna of 108 Kundis Held in the Presence of Environment Baba

September 28: On the occasion of Pawan Vaatri, Maharudra Sahasrachandi Havanatika Mahayagna of 108 Kundis is organized for the purification of the environment along with the worship of Maa Adhyashakti here in Surat. The Havanatika Mahayagna is due to be begun on 26th September with the Kalash Yatra, and it will be concluded on 4th […]

6 mins read

Know How! Adarsh Swaroop, A Multifarious Personality, Managed To Achieve Success As An Unbiased Movie Critic In Bollywood

September 28: Adarsh Swaroop is an Indian Journalist, a competent Model, an insightful movie critic and a multifarious Artist who, with his riveting comprehension of this glamorous Bollywood industry, is earning massive headlines. Born on 31st of December 1992, Adarsh Swaroop is the eldest son of Businessman Kunwar Swaroop and his mother Amita Swaroop. Born […]

3 mins read

EZOK Launches Exclusive Collection At Venus Steps, New Delhi

New Delhi: EZOK Shoes, the trendy Men’s shoe brand for the urban fashionista’s, celebrates an exciting launch of its all-new collection in Delhi’s leading footwear store – VENUS Steps. Ezok has been unswervingly investing efforts to exalt product experience and create innovative brand moments for consumers and urban style enthusiasts. Keeping with the brand’s central […]

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A-1 Sureja Industries launches India’s first e-bike Explosive in Gujarat market; plans to launch new EV models based on customer demand

Ahmedabad, September 28: A-1 Sureja Industries, an associate company of Ahmedabad-based A-1 Acid Limited Group, has launched an upgraded version of its popular electric motorcycle, “Explosive”, in the Gujarat market. The Government of India has launched a well-planned EV policy to promote electric vehicles. This has led to a rapid increase in sales of electric […]