18 Jul, 2024
3 mins read

Zeelab is winning hearts with free 2-hour delivery of 90% less price medicines in Delhi

 Reduced Medical Expenses: How Delhi-based Zeelab Pharmacy is helping customers save thousands in monthly expenses by providing 90% affordable medicines through its stores and online delivery   September 6: ZEELAB Pharmacy is on a mission to revolutionise the Indian pharmaceutical industry by providing WHO-quality medicines at 90% affordable prices. The company’s aim is to provide medicines […]

4 mins read

Data Trained announces the launch of its new venture, DT Evolve

Data Trained, a leading EdTech company, has announced the launch of DT Evolve. September 6: DataTrained Education has been carving the way for new-age learning and creating quality professionals since 2012. DT Evolve, an innovative, hands-on and solution-based initiative by Data Trained, is for the development of young as well as experienced professionals who aspire to be […]

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Parth Vyas mantra of mediation using vibrations ensures the path to happiness

September 6: Mental health and physical well-being enable any person to live a fulfilled life. However, imbalances in any one aspect can characteristically change their outlook towards others and themselves. Many people struggle to live up to their potential or have insecurities and fear that impede their growth as they fail to evolve and grow. Parth […]

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Pride of Humanity Award – 2022 Winners have been announced by the Take Care International Foundation

September 6: Take Care International Foundation is a non-profit organization that strives to improve the lives of the common people by creating awareness about their rights, creating employment opportunities, and other humanitarian aid. This organization was founded in 2015 by Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, who is a keen philanthropist himself. They are a team of passionate people […]

3 mins read

Digital Marketing Agency GrowthX India Launches Social Media Push

September 6: GrowthX India, a noted digital marketing agency and a marketing consulting firm, is launching an ambitious push into comprehensive social media management, no stranger to multiple social media platforms, GrowthX India offers its clients, mainly small businesses, the chance to increase their social media presence and reach. More specifically, its social media management services aim to […]

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Dr Rohit Sane wins Business Titan of the year award

Mumbai, September 6: Dr. Rohit Sane, founder & CEO of Madhavbaug, a leading chain of ayurvedic healthcare clinic in India, have received the ‘Radio City Business Titan’ of the year award for his contribution and excellence in providing effective ayurvedic remedies for diabetes and related cardiac ailments.  The award was presented to Dr Sane at […]

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ServDharm takes one step closer to devotion with its new outlet at the Jammu airport

September 6: What could be more satisfying than preserving and reviving India’s richly religious cultures, age-old texts, and extensive lost arts. The idea of ServDharm, aims to be your one-stop shop for all things spiritual and divine to revitalise and appreciate our culture. Intending to prioritise devotion to the millions of pilgrims across the country, ServDharm is […]

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Divyarajsinh Jadeja, the multifaceted young entrepreneur transacting success in key domains

September 6: We have all come across stories of young individuals who write their success stories with a golden pen. Entrepreneur Divyarajsinh Jadeja who is also known as Divyarajsinh Jadeja Vadinar is the perfect example of such people. This young serial entrepreneur has launched multiple businesses, one after another, in the key business domains. He is […]

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BSE IPF and SheThePeople partner to build InvestHER, and bring financial literacy solutions for women

New Delhi (India), September 6: Financial freedom is the first step towards women’s empowerment. Women constitute half of India’s population but get almost no encouragement when it comes to financial freedom, investment independence and money matters. Part of what holds them back is the fact that companies while launching financial products don’t pay enough attention […]