taps into the USD 180 billion artificial meat market, launches plant-based meat in India
4 mins read taps into the USD 180 billion artificial meat market, launches plant-based meat in India

Fitday MD, Mr. Suresh Raju revealing Vegan Mart

Mumbai, 16th June 2022:, a nutraceutical start-up creating quite the buzz since it entered the market in 2020, announced that they are launching a series of products in the plant-based meat segment.

The global market for plant-based meat was estimated at USD 5.06 billion in 2021. It is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 19.3 percent between 2022 and 2030. The market is likely driven by increasing consumer interest in plant-based diets and heightened awareness of animal rights through various animal welfare organizations.

Talking about the plans, the founder, Mr. Suresh Raju, said, “Veganism is becoming more popular among consumers for health and ethical reasons, while vegetarian ingredients are becoming more popular among customers who want to prevent animal cruelty and consume sustainable food. Since India closely follows the U.S. trends, we expect similar growth for plant-based meats in India.”

Plant-based meat is meat derived from plants. It is manufactured to taste, look, and feel like traditional meat from animal products. Plant-based meat is increasingly becoming a feature of the vegan diet, in which people live a vegetarian lifestyle free of animal products.

In terms of calories alone, plant-based meat is better than animal-based meat. Vegans aren’t the primary consumers of plant-based meats. The imitation meat craze appears to be driven by a rising number of health-conscious and ethically aware people who choose to be vegetarian or vegan.

“Vegetarians, vegans, and persons who follow religious or cultural dietary prohibitions are increasingly turning to plant-based meats. Non-vegetarians and flexitarians wanting to lessen the environmental impact of meat production have expanded their appeal due to the global desire for sustainable diets. Because meat substitutes often mimic the texture, flavour, look, and chemical features of specific varieties of meat, it is also consumed by some converts to fulfil their meat cravings,” explains Mr. Raju.

What is unique about Fitday®VeganMeat is that it is curated with the Indian palate & cuisine in mind. This imitation meat is made from soy and natural ingredients and may be used in various recipes. It can be used as fillings, pizza toppings, and gravy additions in any cuisine. Dishes like VeganMeat biryani, spaghetti, sandwiches, dosa, and momos, may be made using this plant-based meat.

Also, unlike other similar offerings in the market, Fitday®VeganMeat is not a frozen product.

“Our parent company Genomelabs has spent several years researching these products to offer better quality options for the Indian population, like sports nutrition, Kids’ nutrition, Nutricosmetics, and Geriatric nutrition products.

Currently, we have about 5000 SKUs, and Fitday has its flagship products in plant protein, plant-based meat, and Gummies. Watch out for this space, as by the end of this year, we’ll have about 50 more white-labelled SKUs,” elaborates Suresh.

At Fitday, we are a holistic nutraceutical company passionate about science. Our parent company, Genomelabs Bio, uses extensive R&D to create products that best serve our needs for wholesome life. We realize that creating nutritionally rich products after a thorough R&D serves no purpose if they are unavailable to people from all walks of life.

Moreover, eating certain foods and cuisines over an extended time eventually leads to an imbalance in the nutritional profile, paving the way for health issues. We started Fitday to address these challenges by bringing you a large variety of foods with varied nutritional profiles for all ages.

These food options were chosen for ease of use and various culinary preferences. You can easily introduce our products into your life without making significant changes to your current dietary profile.

Fitday partners with brands that believe and practise the same principles, who, like us, source organic and locally grown produce and use authentic raw materials to create stellar quality products at economical costs.

Our products serve to fill various nutritional gaps identified, and the large repository includes organic foods, protein-rich foods, rare types of honey and spreads, several nutritious snack items, and pantry staples.

At Fitday, our dream is to make nutrition an equitable right. We are here to help you find the right types of foods well suited to your health needs. We invite you to join the Fitday family mission of leading a wholesome life by using products that serve your lifestyle- putting you in charge of your health and life!

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