Elite Marriage Bureau, India’s leading matchmakers, script an unmatched success rate in elite matchmaking
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Elite Marriage Bureau, India’s leading matchmakers, script an unmatched success rate in elite matchmaking

Confidential matchmaking and extensive verification of profiles, with the high-quality personalized touch that connects you to our Indian roots 

New Delhi [India], June 9: What does it take to create a match that lasts for life? Ask the master matchmakers at south Delhi-based Elite Marriage Bureau, who have successfully facilitated 1000+ happy and loving marriages in India and abroad over the last decade and a half. With trust and confidentiality being the quintessence of their practice, the market-leading marriage bureau boasts a near-perfect success rate for elite-class matches across communities. 

Some of India’s top industrial and corporate families have taken our matrimonial services.

For the last decade and a half, Elite Marriage Bureau has successfully made these two factors the pivot of their matrimonial services: appropriate matchmaking based on all social, economic and familial factors and foolproof background checks that establish trust in our matchmakers and the potential match. 

A team of more than 100 professionals works round the clock to help you secure matches that are worth consideration. Just like the stringent and personalized screening of all profiles based on criteria such as family background, Kundali, academic and professional qualifications, education, and interests — the Bureau also ensures that clients work with smart, educated and classy employees who can be counted upon.

The Bureau charges a nominal fee to the families of brides and grooms, who are then presented with a shortlist of recommended profiles based on all criteria. Elite Marriage Bureau facilitates all conversations and meetings most professionally and confidentially and is with clients every step of the way until their wedding day.

The Bureau caters to a multitude of communities, including Vaish (Aggarwals, Guptas, Marwaris, Maheshwaris, and Khandelwals), Jain (Shwetambers, Digambers, Khandelwals, Terapanthis, Oswals), Punjabi/Sikh (Khatri and Arora), Cosmopolitan (Brahmins, Rajputs, Kayasthas) and Muslim (Shia, Sunni). The countries served to include the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, UAE, Indonesia and Singapore.

Mrs. Vidya Gupta – Managing Director & Editor of Elite Marriage Bureau, says, “Over the years, we have gone on to make over a thousand high-class, elite matches and created happy marriages that are still going strong. Matches are made in heaven, and on Earth, we are here to materialize the process into a fairytale wedding. With a client-first approach, we respect the social status of the clients we take on and ensure a smooth, hassle-free process from the beginning to the end, most privately and exclusively.”