Dr. Bhaskar Sharma conferred with Medal of Excellence Award 2022 by the International Police Forum, America
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Dr. Bhaskar Sharma conferred with Medal of Excellence Award 2022 by the International Police Forum, America

Dr. Bhasker Sharma was conferred the Medal of Excellence Award 2022 to honour his research contributions in the field of homoeopathy

India, June 8: At the meeting of the World Homoeopathy Council on 17th May, Dr. Bhasker Sharma was conferred the Medal of Excellence Award 2022 by Dr. Arun Kumar, Secretary-General of the International Police Forum, America. Furthermore, the award ceremony took place in the presence of numerous renowned world record holders, authors, and distinguished members of the World Homoeopathy Council. Dr. Bhasker Sharma was awarded the honour owing to his research contributions in the field of homoeopathy. Additionally, Dr. Bhasker Sharma also received an appreciation letter and a reward of Rs. 1 lakh from the United Nations Welfare Foundation and WAC PEOPLE Council, Maharashtra for his continued efforts in the sphere of alternative medicine.

Dr. Bhasker Sharma has also been awarded the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award and Presidential Youth Fitness Award along with a Gold medal by the Former President of the United States, Donald Trump on 10th October 2020. In addition, the reputed doctor was named the ‘Best Research Scholar’ by Google for his contributions. Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav had previously given the Sarjana Award along with a cash reward of Rs. 20,000 to Dr. Bhasker Sharma.

Owing to Dr. Sharma’s efforts in the field of homoeopathy, he has been awarded — Dr. Samuel Hahnemann International Award, London; Senior Homoeopathic International Award, Singapore; Dr. Allen International Award, Thailand; Dr. Kent International Award, Malaysia; Global Icon Personality of Homoeopathy, Dubai; Homoeopathy Shiromani International Award, Muscat; Star of Homoeopathy Award, London; Global Environmental Award, Phillippines; Sahitya Ratna Award, Canada; Best Homoeopathy Award, Nigeria; Global Icon Personality Award, Africa; International Peace Award, Indonesia; Doctorate Award, Algeria; Homoeobhooshan, Kathamandu (require confirmation); Homoeopathy Shri, Goa; Homoeopathy Ratna; and Chikitsa Ratna.

In addition to the awards, Dr. Bhasker Sharma has also been successful in removing the world’s biggest kidney stone and umbilical cord through homoeopathy, without the need for any operations. Furthermore, the doctor has also catered to the most number of patients and organized the biggest free-of-cost medical camp for the underserved. In honour of the Father of Homoeopathy – Dr. Samuel Hahnemann; Dr. Sharma organized the longest human chain on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s birth anniversary.

Through his plethora of philanthropic activities such as — Healing a knot in the uterus through homoeopathy; aiding patients with hair loss issues through homoeopathy; in treating mental health patients; authoring more than 150 books covering the history and research in the field of homoeopathy; providing free consultations to newborns; providing advice and medicines to more than 15,000 students to tackle measles; consultation to more than 10,000 students across districts; free consultations to more than 11,000 female students; organized performance of 1,000 people singing a song written by him; providing free consultations to numerous diabetes patients; and removal of a large adnexal cyst in women through homoeopathy.

Dr. Bhaskar’s name has been recorded in the pages of history through his contributions to the field of homoeopathy and healthcare. In honour of his achievements, Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. Vinod Vishwakarma, Dr. Thakur Prasad Choubey, Dr. Shivanand Tiwari, Dr. Kamla Tamang, Mohd. Owais, Satyendra Giri, Krishna Lal Yadav, Thakur Prasad Mishra, Dr. Balram Tripathi, Shiv Kumar Choubey, Mohd. Mehndi, Ramesh Sunil, and Santosh Kumar congratulated Dr. Bhaskar Sharma.