KARMA SANYASA– The building block for KarmaYoga
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KARMA SANYASA– The building block for KarmaYoga

June 1: Sanyasa means renunciation. In popular parlance, renunciation of action in pursuit of divine bliss is known as Karma Sanyasa. A Karm Sanyasi is supposed to give up worldly duties and dedicate entire life for this pursuit. Whereas Karma yogi performs his duties to best of his abilities and keeps his mind constantly engaged with his spiritual guide (Guru) and God without setting expectations of the outcome. He keeps along with his spiritual guide (Guru) and God as observer and protector every time he performs an action. By doing so he remains detached from the fruits of the actions performed. Srimad Bhagwat Geeta tells,

संन्यास: कर्मयोगश्चनि:श्रेयसकरावुभौ |

तयोस्तुकर्मसंन्यासात्कर्मयोगोविशिष्यते॥Chapter 5, Verse 2

Though both Karma Yoga and Karma sanyasa lead to the attainment of divine bliss, Sri Krishna in the above verse has emphasized more on Karma Yoga than Karma sanyasa because of its impact on social ethos. Second, it is easier to be a Karma Yogi because of our natural affinity toward doing karma(actions).

Practice of Karma Yoga appears to be difficult, Why?

Very rarely the mind of a person dwells the same place where he works. A large part of the mind wonders in the fierce forest of fear, dark caves of jealousness and desert of imaginary failures. So massive is the degree of distractions, one finds it hard to fix his mind in God while doing worldly duties, makes it appear as a near-impossible practice. Karma Sanyasa is the way out. This is an art to be mastered. The mind is to be conditioned. The mind is to be curdled first.

Meditation redefined

Jagadguru Sri Kripalu jee Maharaj has propounded a very simple yet powerful technique. One has to spend some part of day in seclusion while contemplating on the divine form, attributes, past times, abode and saints. The way milk curdles in a calm and lonely place, the mind remains automatically introvert with continuous practice of this technique. The practice enables you to keep your mind constantly attached with spiritual guide (Guru) and God, realizing them to be there every moment as observer and protector. This is real state of a Karma Yogi(तस्मात्सर्वेषु कालेषु मामनुस्मर युध्य च…. Srimad Bhagwat Geeta) ।

Braj Gopika Seva Mission started conducting mega programs based on Sri Maharaj jee’s above teachings way back in 1996,in different cities having significant spiritual importance. The unique feature of the camp is the practice of a form of meditation which has been exclusively taught by Jagadguru Swami Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. It is known as Roopdhyan Sadhana. This is being done in the direct guidance of Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji and Swami Yugal Sharan Ji, two foremost preachers of Sri Sri Kripaluji Maharaj. Soulful sankirtans, guided meditations and special discourses engages the mind and all the senses of the devotee into an intense meditative state whereby it becomes easier to focus on the subject of meditation immersing him completely with divine experience. Everyone experiences how to leave aside the material world and turn inwards so that we become aware of our true self- the ‘soul’.

The first such camp was held in Puri, the abode of Lord Jagannath. Thereafter the shivirs have been organized all across the country in holy places like Dwarka (Gujarat), Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu), Nabadweep (West Bengal), Haridwar (Uttarakhand), Nasik (Maharashtra), Ujjain (MP), Katra(Jammu), Chitrakoot and Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh) and others. Places of spiritual significance are chosen to give people familiarity with cultural diversities of India and spiritual importance of these places along with their spiritual experiences.

It goes on uninterruptedly for the last 26 years benefiting thousands, transforming their perceptions towards lives completely.63 (Sixty-three) such camps have been organized so far.

Since the pandemic, this camp has been conducted online in last 03 years. This year (2022), it will be a hybrid one (offline and online).

  • The camp is organized for 7 days with a strict daily routine and sattwic
  • Mauna (Silence) is observed throughout the day and communication is done through written mostly.
  • A typical day starts at 4.30am and various activities and sessions go on till 9 pm with intervals in between.
  • Aarti and sankirtan sessions are held twice, in morning and evening.
  • Philosophical discourses are explained by Poojniya Raseshwari Devi Ji and Poojya Swami Yugal SharanJi.
  • Yoga and pranayama sessions are done during early morning under open sky
  • Roopdhyan meditation takes place in different sessions throughout the day.

Come, and join us to experience about the ancient wisdom of our civilization and make the most of this human life. Let Braj Gopika Seva Mission help you in finding back the right balance in your life.

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