Adhyyan Book Launches Super Power Mindset by 12 Experts from Various Fields
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Adhyyan Book Launches Super Power Mindset by 12 Experts from Various Fields

New Delhi (India), May 14: Adhyyan Books, one of India’s leading publishing houses, brings to you India’s 12 top experts from various fields to present the most advanced strategies to develop the necessary mindset that you need to make it big in various areas of your life. Success in any field is 30% mechanics and 70% mindset. Whether you talk about entrepreneurship, career, health, or relationships: In this book “Super Power Mindset” you will understand and get timeless wisdom, tips & hacks which will help you develop a winner’s mindset. Authors of this book are CA Nitin Soni, Devjeet Das, Balagopal Keeran, CA Shivani Gupta, Sandeep Tahilramaney, Nishant Awasthi, Manohar Dev, Vidhya Janaki Raman, Narendra Singh, Manoj Chhablani, Dr Suwarna Tambade, and  Dr Dilip Gupta.

Adhyyan Books International is an end-to-end book publishing service provider that is well-reputed for its profitable and reliable publishing, marketing, and distribution solutions. Under the leadership of its Founder CA Nitin Soni, the publishing firm is on a mission to support budding authors in their journey of becoming accomplished authors from a struggling one. In fact, Adhyyan Books cater to every publishing need of writers of every stage and genre. So, whether you are a first-time publisher or an experienced one, the expert publishing team at Adhyyan Books carries the potential and experience to produce the best results for you.

The Founder & CEO of Adhyyan Books, CA Nitin Soni is a leading Author Coach, Chartered Accountant, Digital Marketing & Branding Expert, Bestselling Author, Publisher, Speaker, and YouTuber. Sharing the news of the overseas expansion, Nitin Soni remarks, “It has been a great experience supporting the Indian writers in their journey to success. But, we want to see ourselves in the international market now, nurturing and uplifting writers from different countries, regions, races, religions, and ethnicities. So, we are moving to Dubai and Singapore with this aim in mind. And, I want to take this opportunity to thank all my co-workers and associates without whose dedication and hard work such a day won’t ever come.”

Adhyyan Books International shares the reputation of being a safe house for authors, especially the first-time publishers with no or little knowledge of book publishing. The publishing house upholds the culture of fast and easy publishing coupled with transparent and author-friendly policies. From the highest royalty rates to 100% book rights to advanced marketing support, the company leaves no stones unturned to provide the writers with a memorable and profitable publishing experience.

Moreover, when the demands for digital prints are rising in the digital era, Adhyyan Books offers comprehensive publishing packages that include EBook creation and digital marketing coverage, allowing the authors to reach their audiences globally. Since its inception, the company has published 500+ titles and 100+ Amazon #1 Bestsellers riding on its tailormade allround publishing strategies. Now with the Super Power Mindset book, Adhyyan Books hopes to gift the world with advanced strategies to develop the necessary mindset.

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