Sandeep Raj Varma, Eminent Lifeskills Trainer Honoured with the ‘Influential Lifeskills Trainer of the Year 2022’ Award in Hyderabad

Sandeep Raj Varma, Serial Entrepreneur & Eminent Lifeskills Trainers Receives Lifeskills Trainer of the Year 2022 by Telangana Govt officials

 Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], May 12: He has Taught Life Skills to Over 3 Lakh Students from over 400 Schools and 60 Engineering Colleges in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh in only three years.

Meet Sandeep Raj Varma, An Eminent Life skills Trainer who was Honoured with the ‘Influential Lifeskills Trainer of the Year 2022′ Award at the Airaa Icon Awards 2022 in Hyderabad by the Telangana Government, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), and Telangana Tourism for his Contributions as a Trainer and Coach in the Students’ Community.

L Ramana, a Member of the Telangana Legislative Council gave away the Award to Sandeep Raj Varma for his Contribution the Field of Coaching and Training for teaching life-skills to So Many Young Minds.

Sandeep Raj Varma started his career as a Life Skills Trainer at a Very Young age. He was often invited by Top schools and Colleges for Delivering Inspirational sessions and Entrepreneurship Talks to Transform Students and makes them think differently in the area of their interests.

Sandeep Raj Varma, a lifeskill trainer said, “I am deeply honored to receive the award from Airaa Icon Awards and the Telangana Government.  My mission is to make the students ‘Future Ready’ through my life skills Training and workshops.

Lifeskills are essential for the next generation of India and the students should be trained to make them ready to face challenges in life.

Mr Sandeep Raj varma is A Certified Corporate Trainer from INDIAN Academy of Training and Development, Varma is also a certified NLP practitioner and got trained by Yogendra Singh Rathore, an NLP Guru.

Sandeep Raj Varma’s YouTube channel has more than 7,000 subscribers with about 600 paid participants. He also runs ‘Positive Life Whatsapp Groups’ with more than 250 participants in each group and He is a Member of the BNI Zenith Chapter in Hyderabad.

Mr Sandeep Raj Varma was awarded the ‘Youngest Motivational Speaker Award’ in 2017. Sandeep Raj is an Active Member of JCI Hyderabad SUPAR. He is also soon getting featured at Josh Talks.

Sandeep Raj is also a Serial Entrepreneur Who runs Video Galaxy Production Private Limited Creates Content for YouTube Channels and Helps Coaches, Trainers for their Digital Media Presence and Growth. Second Venture, Transform India Trainings Private Limited which offers skill development Training programs for Unemployed Youth, Students and Upcoming Trainers.

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