India’s one-of-its-kind carnival “The Bachpan Baby Carnival” is a celebration of kids’ talents all across the nation
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India’s one-of-its-kind carnival “The Bachpan Baby Carnival” is a celebration of kids’ talents all across the nation

New Delhi (India), May 11: Bachpan, India’s leading preschool that has established its presence all over the country, has launched the “Bachpan Baby Carnival” for kids between ages 2 and 5. This is India’s one-of-its-kind virtual carnival, and Bachpan is hosting an -day all-inclusive event with fun contests and exciting prizes to celebrate this carnival. The event is Bachpan’s way of fostering creativity, charisma, and individuality amongst children.

The submissions for Bachpan Baby Carnival started pouring in on 5th May 2022, with the final submission date being 15th May 2022. To create an inclusive environment, the carnival is open to all children from all walks of life. The entries for kids can be submitted online along with a minimal online fee of ₹150. The four main contests will be Fancy Dress, Rhymes Recitation, Fashion Show, and Drawing Competition. All children who take part will be given participatory certificates to celebrate their efforts, while children who win the contests will be given cash prizes. The winner will be awarded ₹15,000, the first runner-up will be given ₹10,000, and the second runner-up will be awarded ₹5000. The chosen artworks will be stored as (non-fungible tokens) by Bachpan.

The process to participate is simple and frill-free. The open-competition format for kids will ease the application process, and with simple fee payment, kids can submit their entries. The entries will then be posted on Bachpan’s social media where the child with the most likes will be crowned the winner of the competition. Students who display excellent creativity and great work will also be considered for the prizes.

Bachpan is expecting 5,000 submissions nationwide and is looking forward to seeing the kids display their creativity. Dr. Aakanksha Gupta, the Vice President — of Media and Communication at Bachpan, said, “Competitions can be a positive experience for children if conducted the right way. We’ve taken several steps to ensure the children have fun and make friends along the way so that they can count creativity as a positive outlet. While Fancy Dress and Drawing competitions might seem like competitions for kids, it is great for helping them express their imagination and curiosity about the world.”

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