EKA Foundation Announces adoption of new school under EKA’s Project Sharda
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EKA Foundation Announces adoption of new school under EKA’s Project Sharda

New Delhi (India), May 5: After the success of Sharda Yamuna Khadar Pathshala, Delhi, with 270 children, EKA Foundation announced the adoption of another school from the current academic year (April 2022) as a part of Right to Education under EKA’s Project Sharda. Through this project, they will continuously look at opportunities to provide free quality education to underprivileged children with a proper school infrastructure and value adds.

The school is founded under the vision of Mehboob Malik, who is constantly trying to meet the day-to-day needs of running the school. With its community initiative Project Sharda, EKA Foundation has stepped in to provide the required support. EKA brings free and quality education to the underprivileged, value adds in terms of infrastructure, innovation in education, recreational activities, and the right exposure for our children, who can then learn and grow.

On the recent Success, Project EKA’s founder & chairwoman Puja Rawat said, “In the loving memory of my friend & mentor Sharda, we have started “Project Sharda” to fill in for the fundamental right to education and to reach out to as many children as we can, provide them with a clean, sustainable, and safe school environment, and help them grow under the guidance of our renowned educationists and mentors. Our vision is to build 100+ such schools in the coming year.”

Sharda Ma Tujhe Salaam Primary School is now running in Sharda Nagar, Kanpur, U.P, India. At present, the school takes care of about 50 children, and they are encouraging more families to send their children to school and help them shape their future. The man behind this novel, Mehboob Malik, is very passionate about education and child welfare and towards this has been putting 80% of his income from the tea stall to provide free education to children of families who cannot afford it. Various institutions have rewarded malik for his work, including the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

Project Eka Foundation is a philanthropic non-governmental organization (NGO) that intends to conceptualize and carry out a variety of boots on the ground projects on various societal causes for societal upliftment. EKA’s vision is to create a community that builds human capacities. They believe that the day every individual gets access to basic infrastructure and facilities, can make a livelihood, and no one is left out in this journey. Only then will they be able to build a self-sustainable society.