All India Businesswomen’s Association Gets Felicitated As the Best E-Commerce Portal on Social Media in India

May 04: On 28th May 2022, at a gala event hosted by WBR Corps at Radisson Blu, Dwarka, and popular e-commerce portal All India Businesswomen’s Association (AIBA) got felicitated as the best e-commerce platform on social media in India by none other than the gorgeous former Ms. Universe Lara Dutta. This famous e-commerce platform was started by three young women Mrs. Sejal Paliwal, Mrs. Gareima Bhatnaagar and Mrs. Arpita Srivastava with intent to redefine the work from home culture and make online trading easy for all homepreneurs.

When the pandemic hit the country, the founders decided to start this unique chain of online trading platforms in form of facebook pages which received instant warm welcome by the online women entrepreneurs and the community members broke all records touching the viewership of the live shows in lakhs. Today, the AIBA community is a rapidly prospering family of budding women entrepreneurs and has gained nation-wide attention. This business community has a stronghold on facebook and is rapidly spreading its wings on other social media platforms as well. Those who are fond of shopping and are registered on facebook are well aware of this awesome chain of business groups and love to shop from it because of its flawless management, genuine vendors, and the authenticity of the products being offered. The founders also manage the largest chain of closed facebook business groups which are known by the name Shoppers’ Darbar. Taken together, they indeed are the largest known business family on social media in India, especially facebook.

With ambitious dreams and a glint of hope in their eyes, the founders of AIBA intend to waltz ahead on the path they have chartered for themselves and have proved to all that how the power of social media can be effectively harnessed and how women can become successful entrepreneurs even from the four walls of their homes.

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