Patanjali Wellness, Pune organises a Sattvic Aahar Recipe Challenge
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Patanjali Wellness, Pune organises a Sattvic Aahar Recipe Challenge

“21st century shall witness the biggest health revolution, where people will get back to nature!” – Swami Ramdev.

April 30: In the post-Covid era, many people in India and around the world are adopting natural ways of health and wellness; to build immunity and treat diseases from the root cause. This revolution started very early with Swami Ramdev Ji’s grand vision of bringing traditional Indian medical sciences to the mainstream and bringing divine health and wellness to all human beings.

Atmabodh – Maharashtra’s first residential Patanjali Wellness Center in Pune offers therapies and treatments based on Yoga, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy bringing services similar to the trusted Yog Gram and Niramyam centers and has been serving people with various lifestyle diseases as well as people interested in detoxifying their minds and bodies. Atmabodh provides research-based healing of several ailments (such as diabetes, depression, obesity, joint pain, liver & kidney-related diseases, and many others) using a holistic 360-degree approach, including Sattvic Aahar.

What is Sattvic Aahar?

Ayurveda places special emphasis on “aahar” (diet) as a means to a good life, health, and wellness. Sattvic aahar, or a pure and vegetarian diet, includes ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, beans, etc. Such healthy and wholesome food nourishes the body, mind, and soul. Ayurveda asserts that just consuming the right kind of food in the right quantity can keep us at the best of our energies and health. It’s high time that we become more conscious about our food and encourage our young generation to form the right eating habits and stay away from junk food.
Swami Ramdev Ji says, “The youth should come forward, be healthy, and lead the country”, but more youngsters are seen devouring the kind of food that pleases their taste buds but weakens their immunity, eventually attracting daunting diseases,

Why the ‘Sattvic Aahar Recipe Challenge’?

Atmabodh Patanjali Wellness Center, Pune, has launched the ‘Sattvic Aahar Recipe Challenge’ to encourage people to cook and eat healthily. Wellness and cooking enthusiasts are expected to participate in great numbers, and twenty finalists shall be invited to the Pune center in mid-June to receive prizes and a chance to spend a day with Swami Ramdev Ji and Swami Videh Dev Ji, Director of Patanjali Wellness. The challenge is free of charge and open to all. To participate, one needs to simply create a video while preparing a Sattvic dish and upload it on the website at

“When we are connected to our true Self, we are Healthy. And we are happy. Most of us have deviated from that path. Purpose of our life is to be on that journey of Self-Discovery, of ‘Atmabodh’.” – Udit Agarwal, Managing Director Atmabodh – Patanjali Wellness Center, Pune. Start your wellness journey by taking part in this healthy cooking recipe challenge. Applications are open only till 31st May 2022.