Satliva – Improving the Sustainable Personal Care Industry with Hemp Seed Oil
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Satliva – Improving the Sustainable Personal Care Industry with Hemp Seed Oil

April 22: Satliva is a well-known name in the sustainable personal care industry, steadily expanding in India. Their primary focus and forte is100% natural, Hemp Seed Oil based products. What has brought them this far is their ability to innovate and adapt to ever-changing times, and a gradually evolving customer demographic. Their products are backed by an accumulation of research and knowledge, acquired over 5 long years in the industry, with further research currently underway at their facility. They aim to develop increasingly beneficial, affordable, and sustainable products that support their ambition to create a cleaner and greener world.

This brings forth the question; what is Hemp Seed Oil or Hemp Oil?
It is simply the oil extracted from seeds of the Hemp Plant, by using a method known as “Cold-Pressing.” The best mechanically inclined minds at Satliva have built an ingenious cold-press machine, that allows them to extract 100% pure, cold-pressed, Hemp Seed Oil, used variedly within every one of their products. They are among the first of brands to introduce the “Freshly-Made-On-Order” concept; achieved through their in-house machine which helps them extract fresh Hemp Seed Oil on a daily basis, and is then used to create their products upon receiving an order. Furthermore, Satliva believes in transparency and inclusivity, morals which ensure the purity of their products. The list of ingredients they use is clear and concise, they reject the notion of using chemicals, additives, preservatives, fragrances, and aqua, ingredients which go against their long-term ideology as a sustainable personal care brand.

Satliva was launched in 2017 to tackle a serious problem; the widespread acceptance of unsustainability, and toxic chemical based products. The young founders and enterprising couple; Harshaavardhan Redi Sirupa, and his wife, Namrata Reddy Sirupa, together work day in and day out to deliver a much needed change in the industry. Before jumping head first into their ventures, the couple acquired a great foundation in engineering, and postgraduate degrees from renowned universities, both from the United States. Namrata went on to secure a job at NASA as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Their successful careers could be overshadowed only by their unbridled desire to normalise a sustainable and healthy life, and Satliva was their solution.

The company is on a mission to bring awareness to the general population that is otherwise unaware about the personal and ecological benefits of hemp oil, as opposed to widely used commercial oils. This aspect is what makes hemp seed oil inherently superior. Hemp Oil works almost miraculously for skin and hair; it regulates oil production, and moisturises the skin, helps treat inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and chronic dryness, it promotes hair growth, treats scalp infections, and reduces hair breakage.

The ecological impact of growing and adopting hemp includes: Reduced water wastage as the production and manufacturing of hemp products takes far less water and other resources, hemp sequesters carbon the moment it is seeded, assisting in the fight against global warming, lastly; hemp is used to create a wide range of bio-products such as fuels, concrete, and fibre, which can replace currently endorsed unsustainable variants of the same.

For years now, ‘Hemp Oil’ has been confused with its intoxicating cousin ‘Cannabis Oil,’ this misconception has greatly slowed down the adoption of hemp oil, and has left millions in the dark about its benefits, and innumerable and necessary applications. Satliva is using its resources and extensive knowledge to overthrow the misconception that hemp harbours intoxicating effects. Additionally, they are attempting to make Hemp Seed Oil products more accessible, affordable, and sustainable to further their contribution towards the environment, and people.