Kidz Safe Grills By Weldkart- An Essential Safety need For Children In High-Rise Buildings
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Kidz Safe Grills By Weldkart- An Essential Safety need For Children In High-Rise Buildings

March 26: Government of India, ISO certified company, PV Weldkart Pvt Ltd.’s brand “Weldkart” empowers residents living in high rise buildings with MSME approved and NABH lab approved balcony, window, and fence grills amongst other products.

Living in a high-rise building with babies, children, pets, and old-age people can become a risky affair when there are no balconies, windows, or fences. With working parents, the case can become all the riskier as they are unable to spend full time looking after them.

However, getting good quality grilling and fencing can reduce the risk of unprecedented accidents to a large extent in the case of people residing in apartments of high-rise buildings. One such brand offering quality fabricated grills or “Kidz Safe Grills” for residents living in a high-rise building is PV Weldkart Pvt Ltd brand, “Weldkart”.

“Kidz Safe Grills” by Weldkart are grills that residents living in high-rise buildings can install in their apartments for the safety of kids, pets, and old-age people. These are thick aluminum track grills made from stainless steel with a gapping of 50mm to help avoid any unnecessary or unanticipated accidents. They have a wire rope with marine grade-grater corrosion resistance and also come with a nanotechnology coating.

These grills will keep residents living in high-rise buildings a step ahead in terms of safety and security. By offering them an innovative solution that does not let them comprise the lives of their loved ones or themselves at any cost. From L Shape balcony grills, straight balcony grills, curve balcony grills to kids room windows, and staircases, Weldkart caters to the needs of versatile tastes of residents residing in high-rise buildings since its inception.

What makes Weldkart’s “Kidz Safe Grills” so unique is its features like aesthetics, barrier-freeness, invisibility, fire evacuation ease, safety from pigeons, and resistance to hold a weight of over 498 kgs at once. This product is also been declared a number 1 bestseller by the #StartupIndia project of the Government of India.

Weldkart, the mastermind behind the product, “Kidz Safe Grills” is one of the leading manufacturing and delivering brands across India. They have over 30 years of experience delivering high-quality products in the Steel and Iron industry.

They are a recognized company holding numerous accreditations and certifications. They have delivered products in over 250 cities across the country. The Founder and President, Mr. Prabhakar Rustogi, and Co-Founder and Director, Mr. Anirudh Rastogi also hold international training experience in countries like the USA and New Zealand, apart from India.

The main objective of the company is to provide its customers with personalized, honest, and transparent services. They do so, by offering them innovative and latest technology utility products to enhance their customers’ living standards and also ensure safety at the same time.

Some other products offered by Weldkart are main gates, designer visual barriers, invisible mosquito nets, and other industrial products. However, their anti-rust, anti-bird, unblocked view and zero maintenance “Kidz Safe Grills” are surely their best-selling products. Check out their website at