Entrepreneur Fatima Ezzahra Boualag- Gorgeous Model and Actor from Morocco
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Entrepreneur Fatima Ezzahra Boualag- Gorgeous Model and Actor from Morocco

February 21: Famously known by the name Samara Kenzi, ace Entrepreneur and Model Fatima Ezzahra Boualag was born on 11th September, 1994, in the small city of Casablanca in Morocco. Entrepreneur Samara Kenzi is one of the most beautiful and sought after models of Morocco. She is loved by her fans for her unfathomable beauty and mesmerizing class. Even after being one of the rare models whose stardom amassed a lot of followers on her social media platforms in a very short interval of time, Samra Kenzi is still very humble and gives the credits of her success to almighty God and her Fans.

Looking back at her early life, this genius Entrepreneur Samara Kenzi was not one of the fortunate ones. She has seen quite rough times as a child and worked really hard to reach where she is now. Samara did her schooling in Casablanca, and thereafter in the year 2013 she moved to Marrakech where she started her university. At University, she was a brilliant woman and was very active in modeling and acting. Just three years later in the year 2016, she got a breakthrough when she collaborated with several popular fashion tycoon publications. Since then she never looked back and has been growing day by day.

Presently, Entrepreneur Samara Kenzi’s collaborations includes giants like “Women’s Health” and even “VIP Magazine” in Lebanon. Her corporate Portfolio includes mammoth brands like Fashion Nova, Global Brand, Massimo, Lucy Fashion, Pretty Little Thing, ‘Love Magazine’ in Spain, and Nova Genet. Her picture and brand collaboration are largely loved and acclaimed by the people and she always receives felicitations for her Professionalism. Entrepreneur Samara Kenzi has also been featured on the covers of many Italian as well as Indian magazines including LUX and Diva E Donna.

Entrepreneur and Model Fatima Ezzahra has more than 300k followers on her instagram where she often shares pictures from personal as well as professional life. “To be successful is one thing, but the responsibility that success comes with, is quite hard to deal with. I believe dreams do come true but you will have to work hard to make the reality your routine. If you fail to do so the success will disappear like dreams disappear the day after.” Shares Entrepreneur and Model Fatima Ezzahra.